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Welcome to the new login screen.

We are simplifying the login process and extending it to allow integrated Single Sign On capabilities for our clients and this has necessitated a change in your login process.

If you have been given a Username and a Client code or if you have previous used a Username and Client code to log in you now simply need to type these both into the same field instead of two separate field. This is done by first entering your Username followed by the @ symbol and then your client code.
For example if your Client code is ABC and your username is j.smith you now simply enter j.smith@ABC 

If you have only been given a username with no client code (it should contain the @ symbol) or been told to use your email address to login then simply enter it in the Username field as is.

After entering your username click the Next button. 
If your organisation has enabled Single Sign On features you will then be presented with a Microsoft login screen where you should enter your normal email/domain password.
If your organisation has not enabled Single Sign On features then you will be presented with a Password screen where you should enter your normal password that was created when you activated your account.


Silk UI Framework Simulation Device
Resize the window to preview the page in target devices.
Open the settings to change the simulation device options.